GrandparentingThere is nothing more amazing than watching a child grow. The axiom “out of sight, out of mind” does not have to hold true because you only see your grandchildren several times a year. It is hard to explain what is so mesmerizing about the growth of a child. It is a special time that needs to saved and shared with that child later. Saving all this amazing growth is something grandparents are very good at because it is our second time around. “Technology is a blessing for long-distance grandparent allowing you to keep in meaningful touch with your

Having access to a computer, printer and using a camera phone, emails, voice and text messaging makes the gathering and recording of data fun. Being able to receive and print photos then print and write on pages of an organizing system like the Growing Moments Memory Book makes the recording process a pleasure. My written word is not the best and can be difficult to read, so having word processing not only lets me express myself without worrying about mistakes, it also greatly reduces the time it takes to gather information ,and then Growing Moments lets me save it in a unique method. I am proud that my wife and I have decided to become the gatekeepers of all our grandchildren’s growing years. I know our grandchildren will think they’re amazing records someday and they will appreciate having them to share with their own children.

*From the resource article Long-Distance Grandparenting presented by The Foundation for Grandparenting, 2013. Please take the time to read the article which has many other ideas for grandparents.

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