Grandparenting MomentsSaving Grace

As a Grandmother I am always eager to learn what is new in our grandchildren’s lives. Each one is different just as my children were and saving the precious moments in growing up isn’t easy. Today photos can be easily saved but are we taking the time to record comments depicting the photo event? Photos help recall memories but the writing comments on the back or bottom of each photo capture that memory precisely. In the article, Over the River & Through the Woods by Nancy Kalish PH.D. in Psychology Today June 2010, she explains the importance of a grandparent’s role as a grandchild is growing. She offers ideas on interaction and the importance of saving memories.

Grandparents Saving Memories
I wish I had taken the time to record my children’s growth in pictures and words. As a grandmother, I have another turn to save all the memories for my grandchildren. The saving grace is the Growing Moments Memory Book from which affords me a method to file and record all of my grandchildren’s growth plus I can enjoy the luxury of watching them grow up. I’m a great grandma.

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