A Christmas gift from the Grandchild to the Grandparents

Growing Moments ScrapbookGrandparents (GP) are the most difficult people to find a gift for the holidays or birthday. Why not give them a Growing Moments Memory Book (GM) the gift that continues to give.

It’s the perfect gift….. They can watch and record their grandchildren’s (GC) growth, and then the GP can re-gift the GC after they are grown. What a wonderful idea… The GM is designed to last for generations.

A great gift idea for the long distance GP or the GP who lives right across the street, they both can latterly watch their GC grow.

Long distance phone conversations with the P can provide GP with information including what is new in the GC’s life along with photos and growth data. As the GC grows, the GP can draw ideas from direct conversation with the GC. The GP can put these thoughts or impressions, photos on the chart to share when they see the GC in person.

GP living close to GC can also record their thoughts and impressions along with taking photo’s of the GC standing and being measured. The printed photos are placed in the GM pockets, saving another special moment. If more photo space is required additional photos can be pasted on the insert cards.

The GC could also write their own notes on the insert cards showing such things as penmanship, drawings or what they thing GP look like. Children always have unique ways to share what they are seeing and thinking even at the early ages.

The GP can even leave the GM hanging by simply attaching a picture hanger at 81 inches off the floor and hanging the GM from the display window. A door hanger then becomes to display stand if the GP wish to display the latest GC photo. The display window is designed to also grow with the child and is a nice way to display the latest GC photo. No room to display, simply store the GM in the bookcase. It reads like book so friends can read the GM like a book.

The best reason for gifting a GM to the GP is the written notes, thoughts and photos that will be memorized and shared with generations to come.

In my life, I have come to appreciate the written data my P and GP put on the back of the photos they took…It gives the photo feelings.

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