Purpllinker educational toy

Form Letters and Numbers Play Spelling and Counting Games

Mimic and manipulate alphabet and number shapes for reading and math readiness.

Most young children learn best through hands-on activities. Experts say all children benefit from play that develops fine motor skills — exactly what the Purpllinker does! It unfolds with your child’s imagination. Watch the fun open up as they challenge themselves to practice numbers and letters. Make up your own counting games or check out the ideas in the package.

“We absolutely love the purpllinkers in our classrooms! We have children of many different abilities and every one is able to learn how to make numbers and letters with them. The children compare the shapes they make and talk about how they are the same and different from the shapes their peers have made. This encourages a lot of communication and builds excitement. They even ask to use them during play time. They are a hit!”
Debbie B., Megan K., and Gena S., K4/K5 teachers