purpllinkerPurpllinker Educational Toy

Purpllinker is operated by brain power!
No batteries required, no memory card or assembly needed, no parts to lose or switches to turn off!
Proudly designed, made, and assembled in the USA by Parchmint!

Play spelling & counting games!
Child-sized, one-piece construction fits in pocket or purse
Strong, safe and durable
Exercises for the hands and mind
A quiet toy for travel by car, plane or train
Take a break from electronic devices and use imagination!!!

Watch Purpllinker in action in this video from Marbles the Brain Store!

With Purpllinker, children learn by forming letters and numbers They can play spelling and counting games. Purpllinker is great quiet toy that is great for travelling in car or plane. Purpllinker holds its shape and holds children’s attention as they challenge themselves to make new shapes and designs. It’s simple one-piece construction offers both mental and physical stimulation.

Purpllinker US Patent No. US 8,210,898 B2