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One of the fondest memories of my grandmother is her taking the time to measure all of her grandchildren on the wall next to the kitchen door. In those days my family along with my aunts, uncles and cousins would gather for Sunday dinner at least once a month at our grandparent’s home. Just like clockwork, twice a year, once on our birthday, grandma would have us stand against the wall and she would mark our height with grandpa’s carpenter’s pencil which hung from a string on the door. The words still come to memory, “stand up straight and lift that beautiful chin” then she would mark our height on the wall and ask us what was the best thing that happened to us that week. After editing, she wrote our note next to our height. As we all grew, there was always an effort by all to outdo our relatives and impress grandma with tales from our special week.

With seven markings twice a year, the wall became a living memorial to growing. This retrial continued into high school and college and the tales grew faster than our height. Not a holiday went by that the family didn’t look at the wall and make comments about how short I was compared to other family members or who had the best tale of the week.

Grandpa passed followed several years later by grandma and the house was sold along with the memory wall. I often remember those times and kick myself for not taking a picture of the wall. Several years later, we had our first of three children and we continued to mark their growing progression on the wall of our home.

It was not until the first grandchild came into this world that I decided to design a product that would save all those growing memories and tales from birthday week for each of our grandchildren. Who is better meant to continue recording memories than us? We have the time, we see our grandchildren often and even if we live a distance away, we can still continue recording in each of their Growing Moments Birthday and Memory Books. I am sure my grandma would have loved for each of her grandchildren to have a copy of her memory wall. You can provide a living memory and birthday book, in pictures and words in your handwriting for your grandchildren. They will have a cherished piece of memorabilia from you and to share with your great-grandchildren. Wow, best of all, you will have a place to put those years of school pictures that never have a home.

Thank you – Dennis

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