Grandma Sharing Memories with Grandchildren Growing up with Grandma

She is the person who keeps all my special moments and photos. She lives in a faraway place and it is her way of watching, commenting and recording my growing years. Mom is too busy taking care of me and my new brother’s daily needs but she talks with grandma at least once a week to share all that’s been going on in our lives. Sometimes Mom will send photos via her phone of special events like a birthday party. Little did I know that Grandma is recording in pictures and words the data she is receiving from Mom. We only see our grandparents several times a year because they live far away.

When we visited this summer, Grandma showed us the special books she and grandpa had started. She unfolded my book and hung it from a door revealing my latest photos from my birthday and starting school all keyed to my actual height at these events. Grandma also has written her comments next to the photos. Mom says it is her way to bridge the distance between our families. Grandma said she will give both my brother and me our Growing Moments Memory Books when we are grown, when we can appreciate her written humor.

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