Grandparent Grandchildren ScrapbookingEight is enough…

I have taken on the challenge of family historian because some of the parenting spirit never leaves grandparents and I am one of the growing number (39%* in 2012) of grandparents who are 500 miles* or more away from their family. I am going to bet that having a history of my grandchildren’s growing years is the best gift my grandchildren will ever receive. I have the time and experience to watch and listen but more importantly to record special events like birthdays and holidays as my grandchildren grow. In weekly Skype calls, my daughter and grandchildren are always eager to share unique events and send photos. I have seven grandchildren plus one more on the way so I have a fair amount of data to record. Having found the Growing Moments Memory Book by to record and store each grandchild’s information helps to make the process very easy and enjoyable even if I live 580 miles away, however eight is enough!!

*Statistical and other unique information provided by a MetLife Study on How Grandparents Share
Their Time, Values and Money, Sept. 2012.

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