growing moments memory book
Picture a moving truck almost full of household goods. Some old bikes, tools from the garage and several moving boxes scattered on the lawn with grandkids running around and their mom and dad helping their parents to finish loading the truck. As they appear to be finishing packing, the Grandpa picks up some tools and goes back into the house without saying a word.

Suddenly they hear loud sounds coming from the house. Grandpa comes out of the house all covered in white dust with a section of a wall and door frame. He stops at the back of the truck looking firm and confrontational and says “Look, we spent years writing all the kids growing moments are on this wall and doorframe. It’s a lifetime of memories. I’m not leaving them behind.” He’s very determined, so everyone just shrugs, helps him dust off and to get the wall and door frame into the truck. Finally the truck slowly moves away with grandpa driving, his grandson and son seated next to him with the doorframe sticking out the back. His five year old grandson sitting next to him says “Papa, why didn’t you just mark on the door? It would be easier to take and a lot less messy…. or just use the Growing Moments Birthday and Memory Book as Dad and Mom do.

Papa seemed a little taken back with his grandson’s comments, but then softens and says something unexpected, “we all continue to have growing moments even at my age.”

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