by Amy L. Neeley

When it comes to children’s learning styles, did you know that there are 3 major types of learners at play?

Educators commonly refer to them as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile styles. Have you ever wondered which one is your child?

While students typically fall into more than one group, they often show a “clear preference” for one, according to Emily Graham, senior editor for School Family Media. She describes how kids commonly learn in each category:

3 Types of Learners
The Visual Learner
• Enjoys looking at charts and graphs
• Likes to watch demonstrations
• Uses reading as a learning tool

The Auditory Learner
• Prefers to have music playing in the background or have no noise at all
• Recites new material out loud
• Listens to explanations of new subject material

The Kinesthetic/Tactile Learner
• Learns through hands-on activities (kinesthetic) and touching (tactile)
• Likes to write information down
• Can find sitting still while studying to be difficult

So have you ever wondered which style of learning your child favors? You can answer these simple questions to get a good idea. Then look for helpful homework tips from each category that you and your child or teen can use this school year and beyond.

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